Finnish companies still to find Pinterest

Non-surprisingly, a lot of Finnish products are on Pinterest already, but not by them selves.  A quick search for the most popular Finnish consumer brands shows that there is heaps of content (i.e. people have pinned the pictures of these products, and thus letting the world know that they like them, sharing their “wishlists” of products and influencing their peers with their preferences – all of this pretty darn interesting information for any marketer).

Marimekko has a Pinterest profile, but really no content. The same holds true for NokiaFiskars USA has an active Pinterest community, but nothing for the other global Fiskars brands such as Iittala (also very popular on Pinterest).

Iittala has loads and loads of pins, but no own presence.

Of the Finnish companies Finnair really is taking the lead, with boards for themes such as “Helsinki the cool capital”, “Finnair destinations” and “This is Finland”. Finnair has during the last year been taking giant leaps and quickly become one of Finlands absolute most social media savvy companies with creative use of Facebook and a good-spirited and vibrant Twitter community @finnair.

Finnair's use of Pinterest with travel and design inspiration

As said in the previous post, Pinterest is any brands best chance at viral, earned marketing of products and services with a possibility for anyone around the globe to take action and click home a product. And you wouldn’t want the source of the image to be anything else than your own webshop, now would you?

Anyone looking for ideas for how to use Pinterest as a retailer should have a look at what Kate Spade New York is doing – mixing inspirational photos that aren’t related to their brand with products and campaigns from their online store .

Screenshot from Kate Spade's Pinterest board "Dress Colorfully"

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